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Troubleshoot and improve your network’s performance

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We look for issues affecting your networks performance and make recommendations to increase performance.

Save Money

When troubleshooting networks, we always seek ways to increase performance with an eye on your bottom line.

Secure your Network

We search for vulnerabilities in your network and make informed recommendations on how to correct them.


We inspect the following;

Needs Assessment
We discuss your organization's existing IT infrastructure, to get a comprehensive view of the state of your IT and areas you might need improvement. This helps you make more informed strategic decisions going forward.

Network Architecture Overview
We prepare an overview of your network topology and connections, perform an inventory of devices attached to your network, and look for any errors or compatibility issues.

Firewall Policy Review
A quick, non service impacting penetration test of your WAN security that checks for vulnerabilities. This can improve your ability to locate weaknesses in your network security posture and suggest where your policies may need to be updated.

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* Good only for Chamber of Commerce member businesses located in Pasadena, CA and surrounding communities.

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Tierzero began over 20 years ago as an effort to disrupt the telecommunications industry, so we understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with the big phone companies. We believe it's our job to make the lives of business owners and IT managers less complicated and deliver an elegant solution that works with the least amount of hassle.

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