What is the best Business VoIP phone service for my company?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) FAQ

  • What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is what it sounds like: voice translated into data and transmitted across an Internet connection in the same way any other file or email is. When it reaches the other end, the data is transformed back into its original form and emerges like a regular sounding phone call.

    Anyone, anywhere in the world can make phone calls using VoIP, as long as they have Internet access. No actual phone is required, not even a headset. At its most basic, VoIP works directly through the built-in mic and speaker on computers and tablets. Most email services, notably Google Gmail, include free video and voice, whilst Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal and a host of other apps allow voice calls over computers and cell phones to anywhere in the world. These calls transmit at no cost and without per minute charges accruing on the users cell phone plans. Kind of revolutionary if you remember the old prohibitive expense of calling long distance or internationally.

  • Business VoIP Is Enterprise Ready

    VoIP as a technology has had that same revolutionizing effect on business communications. In record time it has proven itself fully reliable, far less expensive and far more efficient than traditional copper-wire telephone systems.

    Unlike all the ‘free’ app versions of VoIP, Business VoIP goes far beyond the basics to deliver advanced features with far higher quality of service. Most importantly, Business VoIP can be configured for maximum network security.

    Business VoIP has also been a great leveler, giving the same enterprise grade communications advantages to small businesses as it does to multinational corporations. Whilst different size companies require different levels of deployment and infrastructure, all businesses benefit from the immediate advantages of such an affordable technology.

  • Do I Need Business Grade Internet for Business VoIP?

    We highly recommend it. Calls go out over the Internet and residential Internet lines are often shared, have fluctuating bandwidth rates and generally poor quality customer care when something goes wrong. Risking phone service interruptions over residential grade Internet is not a wise move for an enterprise level business. Recent highly competitive pricing has made taking that risk unnecessary.

  • Which Business Internet Should I Use?

    First determine which Internet options are available at your location or locations.

    Fiber Optic Internet is in high demand because it offers higher bandwidth rates and suffers less congestion than traditional copper line or coaxial TV cable technologies. Business Fiber can be configured easily as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) which means the service supports your location only and is not shared with other subscribers.

    Cable Internet will cost less than Fiber in all categories. It can support a business VoIP phone system but often needs managed care from a reliable phone service provider. Because VoIP phones access the Internet over traditional TV cables they can suffer fluctuating rates in bandwidth at peak use times. For a deeper explanation on bandwidth see our FAQ here.

    Fixed Wireless can also be reliably managed to support a business phone system and is available at different bandwidth speeds - but only if your location is within line of sight of an access point.

    Ethernet Over Copper is a proven, affordable Internet option which supports a Business VoIP system superbly, but the technology itself is ageing out. Telco providers are increasingly disabling the underlying copper infrastructure to the point where it will become unavailable or unserviceable.

    4G LTE and the emerging 5G networks are newer Internet options for a Business VoIP system and they can do the job well if your choices are limited. Ideally you should seek out an unlimited data plan to avoid throttling or service slow down, but that can come with a high price tag. In some cases, a limited data 4G/5G plan has enormous value as a backup. If LTE or 5G is used to augment your current Internet it can create a redundant circuit should your primary Internet line go down for any reason.

  • Why Use Business VoIP?

    Lower Costs: Traditional business phone services charge for the phone line, any call made, priced by the minute, with tacked on fees for features like caller I.D., call waiting, forwarding etc. Business VoIP is usually priced in a flat-rate monthly package that includes unlimited local and long distance and a host of sophisticated features. Business VoIP also reduces communication and infrastructure costs because routing phone calls over existing Internet networks removes the need for a separate, additional, costly phone system. Extensions also cost less on Business VoIP than for traditional PBXs and key systems.

    Enterprise Level Features: To function well, businesses need advanced features like auto attendant, conference calling, voicemail-to email etc. all of which tend to come standard with most Business VoIP services.

    Security: Most of the security features for calls made over traditional phone lines, such as digitizing and digital transmission, are already in place with Business VoIP. Providers further encrypt, authenticate and prioritize the existing data stream which makes for higher quality of service and security.

    Portability: Wherever there’s an Internet connection you may access your Business VoIP Phone System. Employees may use their phone number anywhere, which is invaluable for telecommuting and the recent surge in remote working from home.

    Easy To Use: Business VoIP devices have simple, intuitive user interfaces, so users can often make simple system configuration changes without needing assistance from IT or office management. This brings workplace efficiencies and cuts down support costs.

  • Latest Business VoIP Upgrades

    Recent advances have pushed far beyond Business VoIP standard features to a Unified Communications solution. This includes advanced features such as easy video conferencing with small to very large groups. The service is offered with enhanced security and better quality of service than more generic options like Zoom. People can easily be added or invited to calls or video meetings while in conversation. Instant messaging and screen sharing are also features included with Unified Communications. Business VoIP has also made significant advances in call center management and made call recording an instant easy to use feature for all businesses. Finally, Business VoIP is now fully mobile. It can be accessed anywhere in the world via a cell phone app. This frees you from the office and puts all the benefits of premium Business VoIP service in the palm of your hand.

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  • Whenever I have to deal with Tierzero, I never feel like I am dealing with a scripted customer service or sales rep. Unlike a lot of communication companies, they can actually communicate.

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