Galasso's Bakery Case Study

Tierzero Helps Galasso’s Bakery implement an Efficient and Secure Private Data Network


Commercial Bakery

Joe Hovsepian - IT Director

Mira Loma, CA

Baked goods for restaurants and consumers

Galasso's Bakery.

Galasso’s Bakery, located in Southern California was founded in 1968. Galasso’s provides premium baked goods to more than 3,000 customers.

Distribution centers are located in San Diego, Mira Loma, Commerce and Bakersfield along with various distributor partners located in Northern California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico.

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Joe Hovsepian is responsible for maintaining an interconnected data network between Galasso’s headquarters and branch offices. Different facilities are located within the coverage areas of different local carriers. Many of the locations are in areas with limited options for Internet service. The task of keeping everyone connected posed several challenges:

  • Since many of the locations are in what would typically be called technologically underserved areas, the company was very limited in their service options.
  • Secure connections between the locations had been created with a complicated mesh of IPSEC tunnels that were managed from individual devices at each location. This created significant overhead, slowing down the network.
  • If any location had a tunnel issue, it required Joe to dispatch to that site to correct the issue. This slowed response times and caused lost efficiency.
  • With the tunnels, all data traffic was routed through headquarters so that it could be content filtered. This placed quite a strain on the network in terms of bandwidth usage.


Joe Hovsepian of Galasso’s Bakery approached Tierzero with his concerns and we designed a solution.

  • Utilizing our Layer 2 connections with major carriers, we were able to service Galasso’s Bakery Corporate Headquarters with a substantial fiber connection that provided bandwidth for his centralization of content filtering via an on-prem Sophos XG Firewall.
  • Tierzero created a centrally managed SD-WAN network between all Galasso locations, improving performance and reducing downtime. Since the SD-WAN is centrally managed by Tierzero, this frees up time for Joe to focus on core tasks. Users are no longer held-up waiting for Galasso’s IT team for engagement.


Joe Hovsepian says, “Tierzero provided us with options to make our business operate more smoothly and they have gone above and beyond for us. They were able to bring reliable service to our Corporate Office and gave us a great solution in SD-WAN for our Private Network. The Sales and Engineering teams are highly responsive and deliver solutions that work for our business. When we need support, the care team is always there. We’re glad we chose Tierzero as our telecommunications partner and would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a proactive vendor, partner and solutions provider. Thank you, Tierzero team!”

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