Here are just some of the features

  • Video chat

    Start a video chat instantly with people already in your network, or send email invitations to anyone. Enjoy high-definition video and voice from just about any device. 

  • Screen sharing

    Toggle between screen share during video chats or simply create an online presentation using your screen. Screen sharing is also good for tech support and online demos.

  • messaging

    Can't talk right now? Send a quick message to stay connected to your coworkers and associates no matter where you are.

  • easy to use

    Tierzero's Unified Communications portal is built with the end user in mind. Everything is clean and intuitive. If you do have questions, a Tierzero rep is standing by to answer them.

HD video call on tablet

HD Video Calling

Host or attend meetings from anywhere

Almost any device with a camera can be used to launch a video conference, complete with screen-sharing capability with up to 99 people at the same time.

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Work from virtually anywhere

Tierzero Unified Communications gives you the freedom to make business calls, attend video conferences, and send messages to coworkers from literally anywhere. All you need is a mobile device and an Internet connection.

Unified Communications FAQ

  • What is Unified Communications?

    Enterprise Level Phone Systems like Tierzero’s Hosted PBX include a range of advanced features like auto attendant, voicemail-to-email, hunt group and so on. ‘Unified Communications’ is a next-level upgrade which adds VIDEO CONFERENCING, Instant Messaging, Chat and Screen Sharing, all within your own company network.

  • Do I Need Video Conferencing?

    We think so, especially since 2020 forced us to change how we do business. We’ve all had to interact on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype etc. to varying degrees of success or frustration depending. Tierzero’s ‘Unified Communications’ package offers face-to-face video conferencing inside your OWN company video network. Any client or vendor can join your video meeting by invitation in groups of any size - with screen sharing and chat tools.

    By using your own video network instead of the ‘free’ public offerings, you get the security of operating behind a firewall with far lower risk of infiltration. Furthermore, the managed care aspect from Tierzero Customer Care reduces risk of warbled voice or frozen video screens.

    Adding your own video chat network through Tierzero Unified Communications leaves you free to do business with fewer interruptions.

    Additionally, for those customers using SD-WAN, QoS on video chat is ‘managed’ via a prioritization protocol overseen by Tierzero’s care team giving you the same reliable no-lag service in video that you get with voice. SD-WAN is a software technology that manages all components of a communications network round the clock. It’s like a powerful, all-seeing brain that prevents network issues before they become problems. It is worth investigating by any business with mission critical applications running over their network.

  • Do I Need Screen Sharing & Instant Messaging?

    Again, given the rise in video conferencing, the ability to share files, direct messages and computer screens during the video chat greatly increases efficiency. Over the years we’ve adopted so many new features so fast that we reach a point where we don’t remember working without them. Screen sharing and direct messaging during video conferences inside your own company network will soon be standard practice. Why? Because it makes the workday easier and more efficient for everyone. Being able to share a file or report on screen and by direct link in the middle of a video conference virtually eliminates all the delayed discussions, decisions and reduces the after-call follow up. Unified Communications allows you to do business in the ‘here and now’.

  • Why Consider Unified Communications?

    • · Host Business Video Meetings From Anywhere
    • · Invite Anyone
    • · Control Sound & Picture QoS On Your Network
    • · Share Screens & Files
    • · Direct Message Privately or Group Wide
    • · No Upfront Costs
    • · Easy To Use
  • Think ahead

    Not ready for Unified Communications?

    If you're not quite ready for Unified Communications, you can start off now with our full-featured Hosted PBX solution. Later, if you decide to upgrade to Unified Communications, just give us a call and we will set you up in no time. There is no fuss or additional equipment to buy.

  • No equipment to buy

    Works on almost any device

    When you sign up for Tierzero Unified Communications, we supply high quality, fully integrated Polycom phones. It also works on your MAC OS, Windows, Android and OSX computers and mobile devices.

  • We do it all

    Professional installation and training

    We understand that switching phone providers can be stressful. Tierzero has worked with thousands of businesses and we know how to make your transition to Unified Communications as painless and easy as possible. That is why in customer surveys, the word that comes up most often when describing Tierzero is “refreshing."

  • Best in class

    Best support in the business

    Tierzero is famous for our unparalleled customer support. We pick up the phone when you call and our highly-trained staff listens carefully and fixes your issue right away. It's that simple.

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Tierzero began over 20 years ago as an effort to disrupt the telecommunications industry, so we understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with the big phone companies. We believe it's our job to make the lives of business owners and IT managers less complicated and deliver an elegant solution that works with the least amount of hassle.

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