Use your mobile phones
like business phones

Unify teams and avoid problems with a complete business phone solution on your employees’ cell.

Works Like a Desk-Phone

Make and receive unlimited calls, place calls on hold, and transfer to other extensions, just like you would on your desk phone.

Mask Your Mobile Number

Make unlimited calls and text from business lines while masking personal mobile phone numbers.

Works with Auto-Attendant

A company automated operator as first point of contact. Take advantage of a professional auto-attendant to route calls to the right people.

Does everything your office phone does but with added mobility

Stay connected to your business and your team no matter where you are. Connect to your auto-attendant, transfer to different extensions or departments, receive all of your voicemail, and more. These are just some of the features of the Tierzero Voice App.

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Calls come from
your business phone

Your personal information is never seen by the call recipient. All calls appear to be coming from your business phone.

Add additional people
onto your call

Adding additional callers onto your existing conversation is simple and intuitive on the Tierzero Voice App.

Get business voicemail
on your mobile device

Get business voicemail directly on the Tierzero App. Never miss an important voicemail no matter where you are.

Transfer calls like
a desktop phone

Transfer callers to other team members or departments within your organization as if you were in the office.

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Focused. Professional. Disruptive.

Tierzero began over 20 years ago as an effort to disrupt the telecommunications industry, so we understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with the big phone companies. We believe it's our job to make the lives of business owners and IT managers less complicated and deliver an elegant solution that works with the least amount of hassle.

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