Easy to Setup

Just answer a few simple questions about your organization and Tierzero will set you up with a fully functional call center in no time.

Easy to Manage

Once the call center is set up, making changes and running reports is easy and intuitive. A Tierzero staff member is always standing by just in case.

No Equipment to Buy

All our Hosted Phone packages come with high quality Polycom phones. And because it's hosted in the cloud, there's nothing to update or maintain. 

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Want to know what else our call center platform can do?

Every aspect of our call center is customizable. Set call flow, voice greeting, on-hold music, business hours and dozens of other features, all within our easy-to-use portal.

Realtime Statistics

See what's happening right now. How many are in queue, average wait time, abandon rate and more. Customize your  console to view the information that's important to you.

Performance Reporting

Easily assess the performance of agents, your business processes, customer interactions at every stage of the call, and optimize them.

Additional call center features

Custom Greetings

Use this opportunity to create custom hold, queue, or wait time music and showcase new products, services, or announcements.

Custom Business Hours

Create custom business hours for each team and set up after-hour call-flow directing callers to leave a voicemail if no one is around to answer.


All your incoming calls will be attended by customized  greeting with options to send callers to the desired group or individual.

Enhanced Call Routing

Getting callers to the right people is easy with customizable call flow features like auto-attendants and hunt groups.

Wait Queues

Tierzero Call Center will automatically let callers know their position in the queue while they await their turn to talk with a member of your team.

Call Failover

Automatically forward incoming calls to designated backup numbers in the event of emergencies or local outages.

Tierzero Call Center FAQ

  • What is Tierzero Call Center?

    Tierzero Call Center is an automated, in-bound phone operator system that seamlessly routes calls to the appropriate available agents and allows full customization and prioritization of the entire customer calling experience as well as the workflow automation of in-bound phone calls.

  • May I Use My Own Phones With Tierzero Call Center?

    Yes. As long as you use Tierzero’s Hosted PBX phone service, we can provision our Call Center features with your service.

  • What Does Tierzero Call Center Cost?

    Tierzero Call Center is priced as a license surcharge of $20 per user operating over our existing Hosted PBX. That service is priced at a flat rate of $25 per user with phones included, or $19.95 per user if you use your own phones.

  • Can I Add And Delete Call Center Users?

    You may add or delete the Tierzero Call Center license for as many or as few employees as you wish.

  • Is Tierzero Call Center Inbound and Outbound?

    Tierzero’s Call Center license is ‘Inbound’ focused. The service is designed for businesses who handle a high volume of inbound phone calls, like processing purchases and responding to customer service inquiries. Employees may make Outbound calls of course, but use of robocalls etc. is not supported.

  • Tierzero Call Center Features


    Auto Receptionist
    Custom Greetings 
    Custom Business Hours 
    Enhanced Call Routing 
    Wait Queues 
    Real Time Statistics
    Performance Logs 
    Automatic Backups
    Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD) 
    Anonymous Call Rejection
    Call Monitoring
    Call Failover
    Call Queue 
    Call Parking 
    Call Pulling 
    Call Recording 
    Call Presence (Agent Status)
    Conference Calling
    Call Barging
    Push to Talk
    Internal Chat


    Smartphone/App Integration
    Voicemail to Email/Text
    Priority Alerts Softphones (Computer Telephony Integration)
    Extension Dialing Number Change
    CRM & Business Tool Integration
    Easy Call Transfer
    Internal Chat
    Three-Way Calling
    Smartphone/App Integration
    Voicemail to Email/Text
    Music On Hold 
    Follow Me
    Call Analytics (Live & Historical)
    IP PBX
    Interactive Voice Response(IVR)
    Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
    Toll-Free Phone Numbers
    Ring Groups (Hunt Groups)
    Three-Way Calling
  • What are the Benefits of Tierzero Call Center?

    Employees May Work From Anywhere
    Set Up Takes Seconds, Not Days
    Flat Fee, No Upfront Costs
    Easy To Set Up
    Easy To Manage Without IT Help
    24/7 Tierzero Customer Care

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