T1 and Bonded T1 Internet

T1 is the original business Internet and was once a reliable choice for businesses that needed consistent, reliable bandwidth to run their critical applications. But, with the FCC's recent announcement regarding copper communication lines, T1 and Bonded T1 lines are rapidly aging out, forcing businesses to find new and better solutions.

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What was a T1 Internet?

T1 was a trusted copper-wire technology that delivered reliable phone and Internet service. The term T1 refers to the hardware - wiring, cable ends, jacks - needed to transmit digital voice and data signals over two balanced pairs of copper wire. One pair carries the signal into your location (downloads) - the other transmits the signal out (uploads).

T1: End of Life

Since the FCC's mandate, larger providers like AT&T are not giving customers wholesale access to their copper-based infrastructure. In fact, some are retiring their copper lines altogether. Many businesses are wondering why, especially since these updates will drastically increase the price of T1 lines.

It's because T1 lines – and copper infrastructure in general – are expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Many providers believe their money is better spent on building their IP infrastructure. It's simple, affordable, and far more flexible.

For businesses like yours, the drawbacks include:

  • A Rise in Usage Costs: As stated before, carriers are beginning to retire their copper network and the already-pricey rates will become insurmountable.
  • Underperforms Compared to Other Solutions: TDM technology can no longer keep up with a modern business' bandwidth needs. It also doesn't integrate well with mobile devices or cloud-based applications, a staple in the current work from home environment.
  • Minimal or No Failover Options: When T1 lines are down, they're down. Your business is forced to a screeching halt while waiting for a technician to repair whatever has gone wrong.

Potential Replacements for T1 Lines


This alternative to T1 lines deploys quickly and easily and doesn't require a long-term contract. LTE is also extremely flexible – you can use it anywhere there's a cell phone signal. We don't recommend LTE as a long-term solution, but it can be an excellent redundant or backup solution.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless offers a dedicated internet connection for businesses that don't have access to fiber optic cables. It can run all business-critical applications and doesn't require you to build an expensive infrastructure to support it.

Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic is one of the fastest options to replace T1 lines. It has the highest bandwidth of any connection alternative and is as stable as can be. It's perfect for businesses who want fast download and upload speeds 24/7.

T1 and Bonded T1 Internet FAQ

  • What Is A T1?

    T-1 is a trusted copper-wire technology that delivers reliable phone and Internet service. The term T-1 refers to the hardware - wiring, cable ends, jacks - needed to transmit digital voice and data signals over two balanced pairs of copper wire. One pair carries the signal in to your location (downloads) - the other transmits the signal out (uploads).

  • What’s The Speed Of A T1?

    A T1 line is made up of 24 separate Channels and each channel transmits at the exact 64Kbps speed required to make one phone call. Combined, the 24 Channels give the T-1 a total transmission speed of 1.54Mbps. That sounds low compared to Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet speeds for example, but there is value to keep in mind. T1 speed is symmetrical, meaning it’s the same whether uploading or downloading. A T1 line is usually dedicated, meaning no other subscriber shares the bandwidth which is good for security and reliability. Because T1 is exclusive and dedicated, as in, not shared with other subscribers, the speed is the speed is the speed, always, uploading and downloading.

  • What Is An Integrated T-1?

    This is the term used when the 24 channels of the T1 are assigned to specific uses, such as voice or data. Sometimes a channel or two is assigned for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) link.

  • What Is A Full T-1?

    A full T1 uses all 24 channels for a single purpose, either voice or data, but not both at the same time. A Voice T1, for example, dedicates all 24 channels for telephone use, while a Data T1 dedicates all the channels strictly for Data.

  • What Is Bonded T1?

    If your business needs faster speed than a T1 - and assuming other options like Fiber Optic Internet are not available at your location, bandwidth can be added by Bonding T1s together. A Bonded T1 fuses multiples of up to 8 T1s together to get faster, bigger bandwidth, with all the reliability of dedicated, symmetrical upload and download speeds - not to mention a trusted point-to-point technology that is monitored 24/7.

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