Stay Online, Even During Internet Outages

Easily back up your VoIP solutions with Tierzero's 4G LTE and 5G services

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Works Automatically

Our LTE backup circuit is designed to kick in the minute your main circuit goes out so you can carry on with business as usual.

Generous Data Plan

We offer generous data plans that cover the typical usage of most businesses. We offer competitive data rates in the event of extended outages.


Tierzero continues to offer the best customer support in the business. We always have a highly trained engineer standing by ready to take your call.


Struggling with Spotty Service? We can help!

Whether it's aging copper infrastructure or just inclement weather, a dropped internet connection can cost your company dearly. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to outage interruptions with our LTE backup solutions. Designed to kick in the moment your internet fails, our 4G and 5G failover services can keep you connected in even the worst of circumstances.

Experience the benefits:

  • It's only there for when you need it. It won't waste data – and money – by running "in the background."
  • No cookie cutter solutions - it's customized to you! Our Tierzero technicians will work directly with you to create the perfect failover plan for your business.
  • Competitive data rates for extended outages. Internet down for a few days, or even a week? We've got you covered!


How Our Failover Solutions Work

Our 4G LTE and 5G failover solutions function much like your mobile device – but on a larger scale! We provide you with a custom-programmed router that connects to your primary router.

Once connected, the router "checks in" on the primary router to make sure it's running smoothly. If it goes down, the router will take over – moving your VoIP phones, computers and other internet-connected devices to our extensive cellular network.

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Tierzero began over 20 years ago as an effort to disrupt the telecommunications industry, so we understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with the big phone companies. We believe it's our job to make the lives of business owners and IT managers less complicated and deliver an elegant solution that works with the least amount of hassle.

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