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Secure your data line

Don’t compromise your data privacy with Cable or DSL. Our Fiber is not shared with other subscribers. It is a point-to-point private data connection between your company and the Internet.

 Get 100% of your Internet speed

Unlike shared services like LTE, cable, DSL or FiOS that slow down during peak hours, Fiber Internet delivers your full bandwidth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week―guaranteed.

 Replaces copper lines

Copper based Internet is going away, and many providers have simply stopped maintaining it. Our Fiber Internet bypasses the phone company's old copper lines with state-of-the-art fiber technology.

 Voice ready

Our Fiber is directly connected to our voice network allowing you to seamlessly turn up Hosted PBX or SIP Trunks.

Fiber Optic Business Internet FAQ

  • Is Fiber Optic The Best Business Internet?

    Yes. Fiber-Optic (Fiber) is the greatest of the Internet technologies. If it’s available at your business location, (and that’s a big if), Fiber is the Internet you want. It delivers lightning fast, consistently high bandwidth rates up to and beyond 10 Gigabits Per Second. Even at lower bandwidth rate plans, Fiber beats all other Internet technologies. Unfortunately, it’s not accessible everywhere yet, but if your business has multiple locations and one or two sites have the option to install Fiber, do it. Your overall network will run better for it.

  • Why is Fiber Optic Considered the Gold Standard?

    Fiber is the Internet of choice for businesses conducting data-intensive tasks who upload or download large files daily. Fiber cables can carry huge amounts of data at lightning fast average speeds and even with heavy usage Fiber maintains high bandwidth rates that deliver as advertised. Multiple users can work over a fiber network at the same time without affecting overall performance. Business Phones, Video Conferences, Cloud Based Applications - they all work faster, more reliably and more securely over Fiber

  • How Does Fiber Work?

    Fiber doesn’t travel by electrical signals like traditional coaxial copper cable networks. It travels in flashes of light via glass fiber cables. Those cables can carry multiple signals at the same time and because Fiber lines are slim they are easy to mesh together into fatter pipes known as fiber optic trunk cables. Fiber-optic cables ONLY transfer Internet data unlike traditional cable which also doubles as a TV cable network.

    Fiber has a distance advantage too. Because of the types of cables used, Fiber carries light well over vast distances with little weakening or signal distortion. TV cable and copper wire connections degrade over long distances often distorting the voltage signals they carry significantly. The farther away your business is from your ISP the bigger the risk of distortion with coax delivered Internet. Not so with Fiber. Because fiber transfers data using modulated light instead of electricity, it has much higher bandwidth capacity because it’s unaffected by the physical limitations of electricity conducting through metal.

  • Is Fiber a Shared or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

    Tierzero installs Business Fiber as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), meaning it is NOT shared with other subscribers. DIA is a point-to-point private data connection between your company and the Internet, which eliminates latency or congestion and delivers a guaranteed rate of bandwidth. Some providers sell Fiber over shared lines, and even with that, Fiber is still a better, faster, more reliable technology than Cable Internet for example.

  • Is Fiber Fast?

    It’s the fastest! Fiber-optic internet is available at rates of up to 10 GB and beyond, which are unprecedented speeds. And the speed can be symmetrical, meaning you get the same speed on the upload as you do on the download. For more explanation on that see our Bandwidth FAQs.

  • What’s The Downside of Business Fiber Internet?

    If it's available at your location and fits in your budget, there is no technical downside to fiber since it is faster, more reliable and more secure than other Internet technologies.

To know if Business Fiber Internet is available at your location, call us at (800) 504-0000..

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