Tierzero Business Essentials

A comprehensive suite of essential services designed to meet the high demands of today’s business environment

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What is Business Essentials?

Unified Communications

Take your business communications to the next level with dozens of advanced calling features, mobile office, video conferencing and screen share.

Managed SD-WAN

We constantly monitor and manage broadband connections from any provider, boosting performance and delivering real-time visibility and QoS into network and application performance.

Managed Firewall

We continually manage and update your firewall to ensure that your network is always protected from cybersecurity threats.

Managed 4G LTE Failover

Adding 4g LTE to our SD-WAN service creates a readily available and inexpensive Internet source in case your primary Internet goes down.

Virtual Fax

A cloud based fax service designed for business. Includes inbound and outbound faxing. Works with or without a fax machine and can be used anywhere.

Hosted PBX

Our state-of-the-art hosted voice service comes complete with over 40 enterprise level features, polycom phones and unlimited calling.


Our service comes complete with Polycom phones and unlimited usage

We don’t skimp when it comes to our phone service. We offer high quality Polycom phones with unlimited talk time so you can focus on your business rather than having to worry about poor voice quality or going over your minutes.

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Internet downtime is a thing of the past with 4G LTE failover

Our LTE backup circuit is designed to kick in the minute your main circuit goes out so you can carry on with business as usual.

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Tierzero Business Essentials - A clear choice

  • Everything you need

    High productivity and peace of mind

    Our phone and Unified Communications service is designed to help you and your team become more productive. Our network security and redundancy features are designed to help keep you that way. We combine the best hardware with the best features along with the best support to bring you an unbeatable product.

  • A complete voice solution

    One voice stands out among the rest

    Unlike many providers, Tierzero offers a complete solution. Along with a cloud hosted service that includes dozens of great features, it also come complete with high quality Polycom phones and unlimited local and long distance phone calls.

    You add that with Tierzero customer support and you have an unbeatable business voice solution that is both extremely powerful yet incredibly easy to use.

  • People behind our products

    The Tierzero team

    Tierzero employs some of the best and most knowledgable network engineers, security and phone specialist in the business to build, monitor and maintain these services. The idea is to take the worry and stress off your network so that you can use your time and energy on the things that you do best.

  • Powerful, complete and simple

    One bill, one point of contact... So easy

    Tierzero has combined all the services your businesses need most;  voice, fax, network, security and continuity into one complete, powerful bundle. Not only does this save you money over purchasing these items separately, it simplifies your life by creating just one point of contact in the rare event if anything goes wrong or if you have questions. Instead of pointing fingers at other vendors, we find solutions. We also put everything onto one easy to read bill.

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Focused. Professional. Disruptive.

Tierzero began over 20 years ago as an effort to disrupt the telecommunications industry, so we understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with the big phone companies. We believe it's our job to make the lives of business owners and IT managers less complicated and deliver an elegant solution that works with the least amount of hassle.

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