A true POTS replacement

Tierzero offers a permanent replacement for all legacy POTS lines, including fire and burglar alarms, elevators, fax, gate access and more.

Redundancy Built In

Our POTS replacements come complete with redundant power and redundant Internet, making it a completely stable and reliable solution.

Unrivaled Support

Tierzero offers the best customer support in the business. We have a highly trained engineer who is standing by ready to take your call.


Nearly every application that required a traditional copper hardline can now be replaced with Tierzero's POTS Replacement device.


Copper Phone Lines
Have Become Obsolete

The PSTN (public switched telephone network) – the copper lines that has delivered phone service to US residents and businesses for over a hundred years – is being put to rest.

FCC has ordered that all POTS Lines in the USA be replaced with an alternative service by August 2, 2022. The nation’s copper line infrastructure is currently being replaced by a more efficient IP-based network.

POTS line are still commonly used for the following applications: POS Systems, Elevators, Fax Machines, Security Gates, Overhead Pagers among others.

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Focused. Professional. Disruptive.

Tierzero began over 20 years ago as an effort to disrupt the telecommunications industry, so we understand the frustration when it comes to dealing with the big phone companies. We believe it's our job to make the lives of business owners and IT managers less complicated and deliver an elegant solution that works with the least amount of hassle.

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