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Fixed Wireless Internet offers your business everything a dedicated circuit provides,
except for the wires... and the wait.

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Speeds Up to 400 Mbps

Now you can own the Internet with speeds that were virtually unheard of until now. Speeds range from 3 Mbps to 400 Mbps up and down.

Installed in 2 weeks

Most business Internet options take 30 to 90 days to install. Tierzero can get you up and running in as little 14 days... less in many cases.

Everything is Included

We fully provision each installation from start to finish, with no extra charges or surprises of any kind.

Costs less than fiber

Get up to 400 Mbps of guaranteed, symmetrical bandwidth with all the security and stability of fiber optics for a lot less than laying fiber.

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The price and availabilty of our fixed wireless circuits are based on your location.


Fixed Wireless Internet FAQ

  • What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

    Fixed Wireless is an Internet technology that does not travel over phone or cable lines. Fixed Wireless broadcasts via radio signals to outdoor antennas atop towers or buildings at a high vantage point. Rather than spreading the radio signal over a wide area, the signal is sent over a focused beam to a receiving antenna at your business location. The result is a secure connection with very little interference. Fixed Wireless should not be confused with Satellite Internet as the signals are not broadcast from a satellite.

  • Why Use Fixed Wireless?

    Fixed Wireless has particular value in areas where typical Internet service options are unavailable. For that reason, it offers a desirable alternative to Satellite Internet especially if that’s the only other choice around. Fixed Wireless is also super useful when time is of the essence. Most business Internet options take 30 to 90 days to install. Tierzero can get you up and running on Fixed Wireless in as few as 14 days or less in many cases.

  • Is Fixed Wireless Better Than Satellite?

    Fixed Wireless Internet speeds are generally faster than Satellite. Fixed Wireless is almost always a more affordable technology than Satellite Internet with prices lower across the board for all ranges of bandwidth.

  • Does weather affect fixed wireless?

    Because fixed wireless broadband is land-based, and due to the frequency being used, rain has only a negligible effect on the wireless signal.

  • Does my location need a clear line of sight from your towers to be eligible?

    Yes, you do need a clear line of sight from our towers to your location to be eligible for service. We carefully test your location to ensure a clear line of sight before deployment. We then continually monitor your signal to ensure that your connection remains clear and stable.

  • Can Fixed Wireless Be Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

    Depending on which plan you choose, Fixed Wireless Internet can be a shared network or a dedicated network. A Fixed Wireless DIA gives you a guaranteed fixed-bandwidth rate and is never shared with another subscriber. It comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which guarantees uptime and quality of service.

  • Is Fixed wireless Internet secure?

    Yes. Unlike wifi (which has many known security issues), your data is completely secure. A fixed wireless beam is point-to-point and offers more levels of encryption and security than even a T1. Each of our customers has a unique circuit that is provisioned to only communicate between their location and our network.

  • Is Fixed Wireless Fast?

    Yes. Fixed Wireless Business Internet can reach speeds of up to 1 Gigabit, but the service is more commonly offered at lower rates of 50-400 Mbps. Even though the most common Fixed Wireless speeds may sound low compared to a 10GB Fiber line for example, Fixed Wireless service is usually symmetrical, meaning upload and download speeds are the same. It is a reliable, trusted technology and will support your business phones and Internet. Tierzero’s fixed wireless service offers truly symmetrical broadband which can easily be turned up as your business needs grow.

  • What’s The Downside of Fixed Wireless?

    The availability of Fixed Wireless Internet depends on your location. You must have a clear line of sight to a fixed wireless tower, ideally less than 10 miles. This means that there cannot be tall buildings or trees blocking the signals coming from the tower. Fixed Wireless is more often recommended for rural areas or areas with outdated infrastructure. Setting up in busy metropolitan areas is sometimes a challenge if other buildings in the area block line of sight to the cell tower thus disrupting signals or decreasing performance.

  • How long does it take to get my service installed?

    Because our fixed wireless service is not dependent on Telco infrastructure, we can have you up and running in as little as one day.

The fastest way to know if your location is a fit for Fixed Wireless is to call us at (800) 504-0000. We’re happy to help.

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