T1 Internet - 1.54 Mbps up and down

The industry standard. Trusted and reliable. The go-to connection for VoIP lines and basic business applications

Secure your Internet data line

Don’t compromise your data privacy with Cable or DSL. T1's are not shared with other subscribers. It is a point to point private data connection between your company and the Internet.

Get 100% of your Internet speed

Unlike shared services like cable, DSL or FiOS that slow down during peak hours, T1's gives you your full speed 24/7.

Web-based dashboard

Don't get caught off guard. Track bandwidth usage and monitor network status from your browser.

In use since the 1960s

T1's are the most widely used Internet connection for businesses for more than 3 decade

Voice ready

Our T1's are directly connected to our voice network allowing you to seamlessly turn up Hosted PBX or SIP Trunks at any of your locations.

Plans and Pricing


T1 pricing


  • Full 1.54 megabits per second both up and down
  • Includes installation and router
  • Proactive Monitoring – we solve it before you know it's a problem
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*Price and availability based on location • Based on a 3 year contract • Taxes are not included

Additional Information


T1 Internet Installation

The installation process takes approximately 15-30 days depending on your area and the condition of the wiring at your location. Installation is generally included with the monthly price of your T1 service. However, in rare cases some additional charges do apply if additional construction is needed at your location.

T1 Installation steps:

  1. The day we receive your service agreement and completed network worksheets, the ball is rolling and an order is placed with one of our wholesale carriers (telephone company) for your T1 line. This connects you with our local POP (point of presence) where we connect you to the Internet. If your business is in California you would connect to our main POP in downtown Los Angeles.
  2. Your IP addresses that will be used to route traffic on your T1 to the Internet will be configured.
  3. The Tierzero customer network routers are configured for your service.
  4. The router that will be be brought to your location, sometimes called a CPE (customer premise equipment), is configured.
  5. The wholesale carrier contacts us and lets us know when the T1 line to your office will be up. This is sometimes called a FOC (firm order commitment).
  6. After receiving the FOC for your T1 circuit, someone from our Installation Department will contact you to schedule an onsite installation appointment.
  7. The field tech will extend the inside wiring from your the telephone company phone closet sometimes referred to as a MPOE (minimum point of entry) to your suite or office.
  8. The field tech will install the CPE in your office and test the service to make sure the full bandwidth is being received.
  9. The field tech will give login/password to your customer monitoring portal.
  10. The field tech will give you a copy of your IP addresses and how they are configured as well as customer care contact information.

Proactive Monitoring

In customer survey one the things that businesses said made the biggest difference with Tierzero was proactive monitoring. Time after time we notify our customers of problems and solve them before they even know they are a problem.

Tierzero does not charge extra for Proactive 24/7 Monitoring like some of our competitors. We include it with your service because it makes sense you would expect it as part of your service.

Our Customer Care Specialist monitor your circuit around the clock 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Not only do we respond if your circuit goes down, we can tell if the line is having problems and may go down. In both these cases we immediately spring into action and take proactive steps to insure your up-time. In the event your circuit goes down we open a trouble ticket and contact you to make sure you have not turned off the router or there was a power outage at your site. If there is trouble on the circuit we run tests to determine if the problem is with the phone company portion of the line or with the wiring in your building. In the event of phone company trouble we immediately escalate leveraging our volume purchasing power with the phone company. Tierzero is the largest wholesale customer with one of the largest telephone companies in California. That means we can get trouble resolved in minutes that takes others hours or days. Many times we do this work in the early hours of the morning before your team gets to the office saving you lost time in productivity. If the problem is with a Tierzero provided router or the inside wiring leading up to the router we will dispatch one of our field techs to quickly resolve the problem. We know your business Internet access is critical to your operation so we do everything we can to minimize downtime.

Web-based User Portal

With your T1 Internet service you get a login and password to your Usage Monitoring Portal. This portal lets you view the usage and statistics of your your T1 service. It is very useful in helping you detect trends in your bandwidth usage allowing you to upgrade before it becomes critical.

Tierzero T1 FAQ’s

Why is a T1 more expensive than DSL or Cable? 

T1 is in a distinctly different class than DSL and Cable because it is a dedicated and secure line between you and the Internet service provider.  With DSL and Cable your line is brought from your office to the service providers nearest aggregation point where many other customers are being aggregated.   Your traffic and the rest of the other customers traffic are then put on a shared network.   In almost all cases the bandwidth of the shared network is less than the sum of all the customers aggregated on it.  This is call “over-subscribing” and is at the heart of the lower cost of DSL and Cable.   You may see words like “best-effort” on your service level agreement.  The thinking is that all the customers will not be using the bandwidth at the same time.  In truth, sometimes they don’t.  But if you are running mission critical applications like voice,  video, or hosting your own business applications you may not want to spin the “best-effort” wheel.  Depending on your business operation it only takes once or twice a month of not having the bandwidth when you need it to severally impact your business.  This is when point-to-point, non-shared, dedicated service like T1 comes in handy and you won’t mind paying a little extra for it.

How fast is a T1?

A T1 transmits data at 1.54 megabits per second.  It is an synchronous service meaning that is has equal speeds for both upload and downloads.

How come I only can use 5 of the 8 IP’s that are assigned to my T1?

The other 3 IP’s are used on the router that we provide you with and routers in the Tierzero network so we can route your traffic to the Internet.  Without this the service doesn’t work.

Can I get more IP addresses?

Because of of the explosion of the Internet IP’s are in high demand.  ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers), the body that allocates IP addresses, has asked all service providers to monitor the delegation of IP’s very closely.  You can get more IP’s but we have to justify their use to ARIN and there is a small additional charge.

Can I use my own router?

The router that we provide allows us to proactively monitor your service.  This is a key part of the service that you are paying for.  If you need to add another router, you can always add it on the other side of our  router.

Can I have access to the Tierzero router?

Since we use this router to monitor your service we do not allow customer access to it.

Can I run VoIP over my T1?

Yes.  T1 is perfectly suited to run VoIP.  Since it is a point-to-point, dedicated connection it offers the highest reliability for VoIP services.

What can I do to make the install go faster?

Filling out the worksheets completely  and accurately does a great deal to speed the installation process.  If there is a mistake or change in the paperwork sometimes the install process has to start all over again.

Can I expedite my installation?

Yes. There is a $800 charge for expedited installation which do usually make them go faster.  This is pass-through charge from the phone company and they will not guarantee the install date nor refund the charge if they fail to expedite.  However, this is your best bet if you are in a time crunch.

Do you supply a user graph so I can monitor my bandwidth?

Yes.  You will be giving your login and password when the field tech installs your service at your location.

What do I do if my service goes down?

Call us at 213-784-1400 option 1 or email care@tierzero.com.  However, chances are we already knew and are working on the problem.  Typically we will call you before you can call us.

What if I outgrow my T1?

We can bond additional T1′s, up to 8, for 12 megabits per second or if your location qualifies we can offer Business Ethernet, 2 to 20 megabits or DS3 at 20 and 45 megabits per second.  In some locations we can also offer Metro Ethernet which is 100 megabits per second.


How much is this going to cost?

Much of the cost depends upon your location. Please use this simple form to see if your location qualifies and what the rates will be. No hassles and no spam. We promise.


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