Benefits of adding Tierzero Fiber to your building

Increase the value of your building and overall tenant satisfaction by offering Tierzero's Fiber and Data services. Once your building is fiber-ready and you are on the Tierzero Network, your tenants will receive deeply discounted rates and enjoy quick and trouble free installation. We can even offer your tenants pre-move in activation so their services are live the minute they move in. Your tenants will receive Tierzero famous pro-active support. Below is a list of advantages for connecting your building to the Tierzero network.

Having fiber installed to your building can be an enormous project which can take up to 3 months to complete. It generally involves heavy machinery, construction crews, and city ordinances. Much of these costs usually fall upon the tenant or the owner of the building. Partnering with Tierzero eliminates these costs. Having Tierzero fiber installed in your building also bypasses the phone company's outdated copper lines with state-of-the-art fiber technology.
Having Tierzero fiber in your building not only offers superior speeds and service for your tenants. Because our fiber is already in your building, it brings down the cost of bandwidth dramatically.
Being able to keep up the the ever-growing communication requirements of your prospective tenants can be a challenge. Especially for older buildings. With Tierzero fiber in your building you can offer a future-proof solution to even the most demanding tenants. Having fiber preinstalled in your building will also cut standard installation times by as much as 75%. We can even activate their services prior to them moving in.
Tierzero Fiber supports speeds from 5 mbps up to 1,000 mbps (1 Gig) and more. Fiber Internet is ideal for voice over IP (VoIP), connecting offices with MPLS, video applications or anything that requires a lot of bandwidth.
Tierzero is the largest privately owned telecommunications provider in Southern California and has been offering business-grade voice and data services since 1997. We use the same telco-grade equipment as AT&T and Verizon and we operate out of the same facilities. Our dedication to service will ensure the best possible customer experience for your tenants.

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