Dedicated Fiber Internet

Comparing Dedicated Fiber Internet to Shared Fiber

It's your Fiber. You don't share it with anyone

Dedicated Fiber is virtually impossible to hack. Our Fiber is not shared with other subscribers. It is a point to point private data connection between your company and the Internet.

Get 100% of your bandwidth 100% of the time

Because your circuit is not shared like other broadband services, Dedicated Fiber gives you 100% of your bandwidth every time… guaranteed.

Replaces outdated copper

Dedicated Fiber replaces old, outdated copper infrastructure with ultra fast, ultra efficient fiber lines. Nothing is more reliable or secure.

VoIP and Cloud ready

Tierzero’s Dedicated Fiber is ultra low latency and has guaranteed uptime. Perfect for business critical VoIP and cloud based applications.

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Dedicated Business Fiber Features

  • Speeds from 20 Mbps up to 1 Gbps or more
  • Installing fiber replaces old copper lines
  • Proactive Monitoring – we solve most issues before you're even aware of them
  • Professional Installation
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*Price and availability based on location • Based on a 3 year contract • Taxes are not included

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