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How to get more accurate speed test results



Speed tests tell you how much bandwidth your device is getting at that particular time. It doesn't tell the whole story.

All of Tierzero's Internet products have guaranteed bandwidth. To insure that you are getting all of your bandwidth; performing a speedtest can be very useful. However, if not done correctly your results may be inaccurate.

Typical Speedtest Applications

Using a speedtest phone app or web page may be convenient, but the results are often misleading. These applications typically use the customer network or the wifi signal from that network. The problem with this is that the network is usually shared with other computers, VoIP phones and mobile devices. All of these things may be using bandwidth even though they appear to be inactive. Checking email, application updates and even viruses may be syphoning your bandwidth.

Getting an Accurate Reading

To get a more accurate reading you should first unplug your router from the Tierzero router, then attach a laptop directly into the Tierzero router. If you cannot connect to the Internet, you will need to call a Tierzero technician to assist you. Once you are connected to the Internet you may now perform the speedtest. This ensures that no other computers or devices are using the Tierzero connection.

Common causes of slow Internet

  • Application or OS updates
  • Streaming music or video
  • Computer viruses
  • Too many users (may need a bandwidth upgrade)
  • Unprotected network

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