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Idyllwild Arts Foundation has been using Tierzero since we got our first T1 probably 7 or 8 years ago.  Their service has always been exemplary.  What I like about Tierzero that I can't get anywhere else is that when I pick up the phone and call them I will probably get someone I know and who knows me.  I feel they are personally informed about what services we have from them, they take a personal interest and they understand the importance to us.  One time I noticed our phone service was down and as I talked with my tech here about it I got an email from TierZero indicating they were aware of the problem and were already working on it.  They sent a tech out right away (a person I knew from a previous installation he did) and he worked with us for half a day finally realizing that a piece of our own equipment was the problem. 

It isn't that TierZero is just friendly and personal, it's that they are expert, give great service AND are friendly and personal.

Buck Little
Idyllwild Arts Foundation


We switched to Tierzero because of their fresh young attitude towards hosted PBX, high speed internet access, and competitive pricing. Tierzero handles massive amounts of data at an enterprise level, but with a customer support team that you become familiar with, know by name, and remembers your name! Their competitive pricing and flexibility is paramount.

Whenever I have to deal with Tierzero, I never feel like I am dealing with a scripted customer service or sales rep. Unlike a lot of communication companies, they can actually communicate.

In the rare occasion there is a service interruption, they are on top of it. We are notified via phone or email immediately. If I unplug my router to perform internal maintenance, I receive a call almost immediately to ensure that I am aware the router is down. Simply they are on top of customer service, the way you have always wanted.

No giant Ma Bells when dealing with Tierzero! They're fast, agile, and adaptive.

Andrew Rinehart
Eyeboogie Inc.


Kudos go out to you and your organization. Tierzero has really impressed us here at Clear Channel Satellite and that’s not easy to do. We deal with lots of service providers and the value that you bring to the Telco industry far exceeds others.

Monty Dent
Sales Manager, Clear Channel Satellite


When it comes to a service company, the biggest compliment you can give is that you never have to think about them. Service is provided – and you are able to conduct your business without being distracted with issues from the provider. This has been our experience with Tierzero. When the occasional issue does arise, it is dealt with quickly and behind the scenes so that it does not interfere with our day-to-day operations. In fact, typically Tierzero will inform us they have noticed a problem and are addressing the situation – and we were never aware of it due to redundancy built into the system. I would recommend Tierzero as a service provider without any reservations.

Scott Wheeler
Operations Manager, Newsways Distributors


Tierzero consistently provides us with excellent service, network performance and value. As a result of their continued commitment to excellence, we are converting the T1 connections for all of our branch operations to Tierzero including router, firewall and VPN management. We have used a number of large providers such as Sprint, MCI and SBC, and have yet to receive the same exceptional level of service, network performance, or value that we do from Tierzero. We could not be happier with Tierzero, and we highly recommend their services. Thank you to all the staff at Tierzero, keep up the great work.

Donald C. Burr
CIO, Truck Center


What I like most about Tierzero is that they are proactive. They are on top of any service interruption usually before we even know about it. They are always "on it".

Silvia Vargas


Tierzero has first-class customer service and customer care, Consistent and fast data and voice quality and Top-of-the-line phone system with video chat.

David Nazarian M.D.
My Concierge MD


Thanks for all of your help. Your professionalism and knowledge were obviously beneficial and greatly appreciated. Since I manage the Texas operations, I've had multiple dealings with the Tierzero Tech Support Team and believe this group, (and more specifically you Danny), should be commended for your efforts.

Christopher Johnson
MAC Incorporated


I want to thank you for configuring and getting us that new Cisco 1700 series router. What a big imporvement!!! Our utilization stays under 50% no matter what we download. Big thanks! Who is your boss, as I'd like to send him a letter. Good job!

Greg C. Spalek
PCR Services Corporation


Tierzero is a rare blend of cutting-edge enterprise services, internal cohesiveness, and personal service! That being said, I never take the time to give online reviews, but this is overwhelmingly deserved... I am the CTO of a national enterprise-tier company, with several locations, and a wide gamut of needs. We have grown exponentially over the last couple years; and I can't imagine managing it with any of the MANY other vendors with parallel services. We have had everything from leased colo space, to multiple DS3s, to bonded T1s and more. I have gotten the same level of service consistently even when we were much smaller. Everyone has been genuine, knowledgeable, and followed-through with what was promised. Add their great set of products, and they are untouchable. Aside from a phenomenal company in general, I concur that that Mike, Nehul, and Hung are amazing. If someday one of the higher-ups at Tierzero wanders upon this review, they all deserve a raise in my opinion.

Jody Longman
Zoo Printing


I have been using Tierzero for about 10 years for internet access and recently started to use their VoIP service for one of our startups. The voice quality of the VoIP service is great. My end users state that it is the best VoIP service they have ever used. The features of their VoIP service are good too. I've stuck with Tierzero because they are a really responsive company with great customer service.

Jim R
Tierzero Customer


The entire Tierzero team have been great to work with. From initial sales, installation and configuration, as well as working through needed expansion, Tierzero has provided great hosted VoIP technology and supported our growth. Both sales and the technical support teams are extremely responsive and efficient, which is greatly appreciated.

Tierzero Customer


The sales team and technical support are always available and willing to help. They provide a personal experience in a digital world.

Tierzero Customer


Very cool company to work with - always do what they say they will and someone answers the phone in seconds every time. A refreshing break from what used to drive me mad about the other business phone and data corps. – Tierzero Customer

Google Review
Tierzero Customer


Great customer service. You can call them 24/7 and reach a live person. Where else can you still find that?

Google Review
Tierzero Customer


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