Orange Psychiatric Medical Group Case Study

Tierzero helps Orange Psychiatric Medical Group implement an efficient data and voice network



Seetharam Maddali - IT Manager

Corona, CA

Psychiatric and Behavioral Services


Orange Psychiatric Medical Group Inc. is a Medical Group with 7 medical offices located throughout Southern California. They specialize in Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Clinical Social Work, and Geriatric Psychiatry.

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Seetharam Maddali, IT Manager for Orange Psychiatric Medical Group, is responsible for maintaining an interconnected voice and data network between the organization’s headquarters and branch offices. Since the various offices were located within the footprints of different local carriers and each office had its own on-premise phone system, the task of keeping everyone connected posed several challenges:

  • Multiple Carriers meant multiple bills and this created a burden for the organization’s Accounting Team.
  • Secure connections between the locations had been created with a complicated mesh of IPSEC tunnels that were managed from individual devices at each location. This created significant overhead, slowing down the network.
  • If any location had a tunnel issue, it required Seetharam or one of his staff to dispatch to that site to correct the issue. This slowed response times and caused lost efficiency.
  • There was no easy way to transfer calls between locations.
  • Clinicians are always on the move and there was no way for them to take calls when they were away from their desks or at another location.
  • Data backups that are required by law were done using multiple cloud based storage solutions. This was costly and since each location had to do it’s own backups, it was hard to keep organized.


Seetharam approached Tierzero with his concerns and our engineers went to work.

    Utilizing our Layer 2 connections with all of the major carriers, we were able to service all of his locations under a centralized provider on a single straightforward bill.
  • Tierzero created a centrally managed MPLS network between all their locations, improving performance and reducing downtime. Since the MPLS is centrally managed by Tierzero, this freed up time for Seetharam and his staff to focus on their core tasks and users are no longer held-up waiting for them.
  • Using our cloud-based Hosted PBX service, Orange Psychiatric now enjoys a global phone system that allows users to extension dial between all of their locations and transfer calls seamlessly to any user, anywhere.
  • Doctors and Therapists who move between locations now use the Tierzero mobile app to communicate as if they are sitting at a fixed desk, wherever they happen to be.
  • By co-locating their own network storage device within Tierzero’s data center, the company was able to cut costs dramatically and increase the speed and efficiency of their backups.


Seetharam says, “When we first approached Tierzero, we were really quite frustrated with our current telecommunications situation. Tierzero provided us with options to make our business operate more smoothly and they have performed wonderfully. The Sales and Engineering teams answered all of our questions and made suggestions that made sense. When we need support, the care team is friendly and responsive. Today, Tierzero is our trusted telecommunications partner.”

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