Hollywood Production Center Case Study

Tierzero helps The Hollywood Production Center meet the needs of their tenants by implementing reliable and flexible high-bandwidth fiber connectivity


Property Management

Lucy Mardonovich - General Manager

Hollywood, CA

Office space for the entertainment industry

About Hollywood Production Center

Fully-Furnished Turnkey Office Spaces - Utilities, Internet and Phone Included. The Hollywood Production Centers serve the entertainment community in Southern California. Specializing in immediate occupancy of chic office space for TV/film production, post-production, new media, and publishing companies. Their stylish facilities offer full service amenities with exceptional customer service.

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Lucy Mardonovich and Francisco Lopez are responsible for providing Internet connections to service high profile tenants in the entertainment industry. The challenges were:

  • Since most tenants are only in the facilities for short term leases, the main challenge was finding a provider who could work outside of the traditional carrier/contract model to deliver service.
  • In many cases, tenants needed to be up and running within days of signing a lease. There was no time to “build in” additional fiber
  • Because of their work, HPC’s tenants generally have high bandwidth demand.


Lucy and Francisco approached Tierzero with their concerns and we designed a solution.

  • Tierzero invested in multiple Gigabit connections to service each facility. HPC committed to a certain amount of bandwidth for their “house pool”.
  • Tierzero was able to offer short-term service on a month-to-month basis for HPC’s tenants.
  • Since Tierzero manages the bandwidth allocation, service can generally be turned up within hours of placing an order.
  • Because the fiber service is based on Gigabit capacity, tierzero can offer tenants the bandwidth they need.


Lucy says, “Tierzero provided us with a solution that allows us to service our tenants and grow as a result. Tierzero is an excellent partner and there is no run-around like you find at the big phone companies. We are glad that Tierzero is our telecommunications provider.”

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